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Is Prophet Owuor Illuminati? Here is the Answer

Several people including his followers have always wondered whether Prophet Owuor is Illuminati follower or not. One of his followers wrote to us:

“I am Christine from Nakuru.I am a keen follower of your blog and would like to express my reservation over Prophet Owuor’s activities.

Ever since I joined the church in 2016 I have never witnessed a person I know get healed. There is a time I wanted to bring one of my relatives who is handicapped to be healed by our Mighty Prophet and I was told that he doesn’t qualify to be healed. The prophet told me my brother has not officially repented and he would therefore not be helped. After the disappointment, I almost gave up with the church but I believed his teachings could help me go to heaven.

Over time I have lost friends, family members and hope of progressing in life.I was a teacher before and I was forced to resign and engage myself in Owuor’s activities. I even sold my house in the hope that the world would end very soon. I am now broke and dependent on my children for survival.

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As I write this I have to admit that I have suffered enough; sometime I go for two days without food in the name of fasting and repentance. What I now need is acceptance to the society and to get back my job”

After reading this email, we felt that we should emphasize one thing—is Prophet Owuor a genuine prophet of God? Why can’t he heal people we know? Where does he get money from? Why does he preach without invoking the name of God? Why does he preach without using the Bible?

From his miracles on stage, you can clearly see people who come to be healed are only known by ushers and Prophet Owuor.If you bring your person to be healed, you’ll be turned away and told to repent first.Then we wnder,if Jesus could do random healing, who is Prophet Owuor very particular?!!

Let me challenge you: Read about illuminati signs and meaning and see whether the Might Prophet of God uses any of the signs!

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Originally: Venasnews

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