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KIBII: Amisom can leave, but no vacuum should be left

Somalia is mourning again.

This is after terrorists set off two — or four — car bombs at a hotel near the headquarters of Somalia’s Criminal Investigations Department in Mogadishu on Friday.

The death toll, according to police and hospital sources who spoke to the Guardian, has risen to 563. More than 100 were injured. There is fear the death toll could rise due to the nature of some of the injuries. “Most of these people were civilians who were passing by the area when the attack occurred,” Abdulahi Ahmed, a Somali security official, told the Guardian.It is extremely disheartening that Mogadishu continues to suffer frequent bombings at the hands of al Shabaab.

They claimed responsibility for the attack. All of the four attackers were killed outside the hotel in the suicide attackIt is only within that week that one of my bosses asked what I thought about the situation in Somalia, and in particular Mogadishu.I thought they were making huge strides, and the country is relatively calm.

While that might be actually the case, such reports paint a totally different picture. This attack followed two important developments or events.One, it was soon after the first anniversary of the October 14 bombing, which killed at least 587 people and injured 316. On the day of the commemoration, the terrorist who was convicted of the bombing was executed on the first anniversary of the blast.

Hassan Adan Isak drove one of the vehicles involved in the attack.While al Shabaab didn’t take responsibility for that attack, all indications are that they were involved.

A Somali walks past the wreckages of vehicles destroyed during a suicide bomb attack near the Sahafi hotel in Mogadishu, Somalia November 10, 2018. REUTERS/Feisal Omar

Normally, they wouldn’t claim responsibility for the massive killings of their own people. Every war is fought on at least two grounds: The battlefield and the minds of constituents through propaganda. And while the need to kill is fuelled by the desire to make bigger headlines to draw people’s attention and propagate fear and terror, the numbers could be so high that they may lose some of their constituents.

The second event is the announcement that the African Union Mission in Somalia willwithdraw its troops in February next year. This puts Somalia at a crossroad.

While, to be honest, it has made progress, is it ready to take over its own security and remain stable? Will it continue receiving regional and international support through other avenues to deal with these militants?

Terrorism is a global problem, and collective security is key determinant on whether this war will be won or not.My thinking is that it’s time for Amisom to leave. There are many operational accusations against it. However, vacuum must not be left.That is to risk undoing all the efforts made to stabilise Somalia.

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