Bobi Wine to be flown to London for treatment

Ugandan politician Robert Kyagulanyi famously known as Bobi Wine will be flown to the Royal London Hospital for treatment after alleged extensive torture in jail.

Norbert Mao, a Ugandan politician, lawyer and president of the Democratic Party, said the treatment abroad will be for the Kyadondo East MP together with Mityana Municipality legislator Francis Zaake.

“We are in touch with a doctor Martin Griffin of London Royal Hospital who is supposed to receive both Zaake and Kyagulanyi, Mr. Mao told reporters moments after the MPs were released on bail.

“MPs are entitled to be treated at the public expense but there is a process, you need authority of the medical board and we have requested to meet the Prime Minister to use his authority to waive the requirement for the medical board to meet,” added Mao.
According to Uganda’s Daily Monitor, Mr. Zaake could suffer “permanent disability” quoting the executive director of Lubaga Hospital who warned in a confidential medical report shared with the patient’s family and the authorities in Parliament.

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“He (Zaake) has severe tenderness (pain) along his backbone from the neck downwards. It is consistent with injury to his spinal cord and will need further evaluation by a neurologist,” Dr Andrew Ssekitoleko wrote to Speaker Rebecca Kadaga.

As for Bobi Wine, his wife released a statement last week saying the former pop star turned politician “wonders how he is still alive.”
“I am first of all thankful to God that he is still alive! Let’s continue to pray for him. Bobi is in pain.

Bobi is hurting EVERYWHERE. We nearly lost him! He wonders how he is still alive after such treatment,” wrote Barbie Kyagulanyi.

“Bobi cannot stand on his own. He has a swollen face – very deformed. At first sight, it is very unlikely that you would recognize him… He seems to have been punched many times on the face. He cannot walk. He cannot sit straight. He speaks with difficulty and has a lot of pain breathing…


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