Somali women narrate how foreigners sleep with them, leave them pregnant

A growing number of foreigners have been reported to travel to Kenya in search of virgins, duping them into fake marriages then dumping the ladies after sleeping with them.

Ayan Issa narrated how a foreigner approached her under the guise of a man ready to settle down with an untouched bride.

According to reports by 4 News, Ayan and the foreigner got married in the presence of a sheikh and proceeded to live as husband and wife.

“My life now is very hard. I do not have a life now. I want to find that man who played with my life,” Ayan said as she waited for her turn to report her truant husband.

Ayan Issa narrated how a foreigner approached her under the guise of a man ready to settle down with an untouched bride. Photo: 4 News

According to the distraught Somali woman, she was left to raise her son alone after her husband disappeared.

According to Ayan, her family completely abandoned her stating she tainted their family name by giving birth to a fatherless baby.

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Popularly referred to as vacation marriage, Somali men from Europe and other western countries often travel to Kenya in search for their new conquests.

They prey on innocent virgin ladies and lie about how they are in search for a bride.

The pair then get married and live as a husband and wife of course not forgetting the benefits often attached to marriage.

Reports indicate shortly after settling with their brides, the foreigners roll in the sheets with them then run for the hills.

Most of the time, the bride is left with her reputation tainted and a baby who has no father.

Another victim by the name Yasmin even narrated how her fake husband ran away with their son after lying he was going to take the child to meet his relatives.

“He said he wanted our son to meet his sister. I dressed the boy fed him then gave him to the father. Till today he has never returned the boy,” she painfully said.



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