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Maradona makes KSh 1 million from FIFA for every match he attends

Argentine legend Diego Maradons is most certainly lighting up the World Cup with his hilarious yet controversial antics during matches . Despite last playing in the world’s most watched event in 1986, Diego Maradona still manages to turn heads anytime he makes an appearance at an Argentina game as a patriotic spectator.

His latest appearance was typically not short of insane moments as the he was practically on the verge of losing his mind as Argentina battled to get past Nigeria, which they did. A lot has already been said about Maradons’s behavior in the world cup, with the 57-year old rumored seen waving his middle finger at Nigerian fans following Marcos Rojo’s late winner that kept their hopes for a first world cup in 32 years alive.

Perhaps what keeps Maradona going is the fact that “El Pibe de Oro,, earns a cool KSh 1 million simply for doing what he is being criticized for – attending games. And as well, FIFA president Gianni Infantino has launched an ambitious scheme that sees fomer World cup legends make an appearances in several world cup games and in return they are treated to some hefty packages in return.

The general idea is to mix the past and present in football while anticipating more participation in the World cup, particularly from the legend’s native countries. And it seems Maradona has taken his role as Argentina’s ambassador to the next level with his antics and hilarious controversies.

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He is also set to grace the 2018 World Cup on more occasions since Argentina managed to squeeze to the round of 16 after a torrid opening two game s that saw them draw against Iceland and endure a humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of Croatia.


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